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#80 and back to color

This is my latest commission. I think it is done, but I just sent a photo of the drawing to the woman who commissioned it, so I will see if it is really finished or not.

This is colored pencil and pastel and since this was a commission, I wanted to draw it on good paper. I used Stonehenge paper, which is great for colored pencil alone, but I was not sure how it would handle the pastel. I was very happy with the way the paper performed. For my other drawings of the day that I used the same technique, but on different (cheaper) paper, I found that the colored pencil did not adhere very well to the paper’s surface once a layer of pastel had been put down. The Stonehenge paper was much more forgiving. I wish that I could afford to do all my portraits of the day on Stonehenge, because it really does make a difference in the final product.



I have almost made it to my 80th drawing! This is a quick sketch of Cordelia from life.

I’m back

I have just returned from a short vacation. I went to Vermont and Montreal to visit family… and I did not draw one bit while I was gone. I packed my sketchbook and pencils, yet I never seemed to have time to draw anything! Today I really had to push myself to get started and it took a little while to get into the groove. Today’s sketch is of Cordelia napping (of course) and I drew it with a carbon pencil. Since I took such a long break from drawing, I am going to try to make up for the drawings that I was supposed to make over my vacation. We will see if I can ever get around to it!

One more before I go…

Yesterday Cordelia and I hit the Christmas Tree Shops (or “chops” as Cordelia calls it) and found a large selection of nice looking frames for super cheap- the big ones were $6.99 and the small ones were $3.99… Don’t you just love a bargain? I grabbed all that they had in stock and last night I finally framed some of my indigo Cordelias and hung them in my bedroom. My walls have been empty in my room since we moved in 6 years ago and I am excited that I finally have something up. We have a really large armoire that I am not in love with and that we did not measure properly for when we bought it and I have always had a difficult time finding a place to put it in the bedroom. I think that the drawings balance the scale of the armoire now that they are hanging on either side.

I just wanted to share a few pics before I go…


Today’s drawing is a quick sketch of Cordelia in pen from my sketchbook. I will be out-of-town for the next few days and I am going to a place where I will not have access to my computer. I will draw everyday, though and will share my sketches when I return.

Roman… sleeping

I finally drew my husband from life and it looks like him! He wasn’t actually sleeping, but I told him to lay on the sofa and close his eyes- and since Cordelia did not sleep very well last night, he was very eager to rest his eyes even if it was for only about five minutes. I sketched him with pen, and it went very fast- however, I had a few ink blobs that I was not very happy with (they always seem to happen when I work quickly).

Steve’s Mural

Still have a long way to go… but here it is so far…

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