When I was a kid, my parents used to buy me the Lee Ames books on how to draw. I especially remember the how to draw Horses book that contained pages and pages of ovals and circles that miraculously became a finished drawing of a horse. I never understood how they made the transition. Whenever I tried a similar method, I ended up with a crudely drawn horse with a bunch of circles and ovals all over it. I finally started to just go to the finished horse drawing and tried to draw it on my own as best as I could.
Today I utilized Lee Ames’ techniques and I am quite happy with the way the proportion came out. I used my 7H pencil and drew a circle for Cordelia’s head and an oval for her torso and afterward started to fill in the form of her arms and feet and hands. Once I had a skeleton established, I defined the individual features and then outlined them with a black pen (so that you can actually see what I have drawn). It was fast and I think I got her hands “right”. I need some more models to practice this technique with. I am starting to think I could draw Cordelia from memory now.


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