#85 and #86

A few weeks ago I was visiting my Aunt Jane in Vermont and I had forgotten to pack any of my art supplies. I contemplated driving an hour Littleton, NH to see if I could find an art supply store, when I decided to just go to the local Kinney Drugs instead. It was there that I purchased the largest package of Crayola crayons that I could find and a cheap sketch pad and decided to see what I could do with the meager supplies that I had. When Cordelia and I got back to my Aunt’s we set up our crayons on the floor and she and I started to draw together. I grabbed the latest photo my sister had sent of my niece, Maddy and tried my best to replicate the photo. I found the hair and skin to be relatively easy, but I simply did not have the colors that I needed to make the teeth look “right” (also once you draw with crayon you cannot erase it, and I drew this completely with crayon and my lines were a little off in my initial sketch).

Today’s drawing is of my dog, Knightley. I was in my husband’s office today and on his desk he had an entire collection of promotional pens by telecom companies. I found one pen that had the smoothest flowing ink I have ever used and decided to draw a quick pen and ink sketch with it. When I had made up my mind to this, I saw Knightley sleeping peacefully at my feet and tried to draw him. However, as soon as he sensed that I was drawing him, he promptly stood up and trotted out of the room. I followed him to his dog bed in my bedroom and once he was back asleep, I hid behind the bed and drew him as fast as I could. I guess the dog gets a little self-conscious when I draw him…


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