#83 and #84

Yesterday I found time to draw, but I could not spare a moment to blog about it, so today I will be writing about the drawing that I did today and the one I drew yesterday. As I have mentioned before, my in-laws are visiting from Russia. They have been here a total of two days and already I am drawing in my “angry” style- with rapid and hard pencil strokes. I kept scribbling until my 7H pencil was dull- I do not know if it helped with my frustration, though. This is from a photo that I took of Cordelia when I was doing my photo shoot with her a few weeks ago. I was thinking that it may be a contender for a painting, but after I printed the photo, I realized that I did not love the expression on her face. Tonight in my haste to draw something, I grabbed the photo and just started scribbling. I really should have used a softer pencil to make the darks darker, but I had my mind on other things at that moment.

Yesterday I drew a preliminary sketch for another pastel painting that I want to make of Cordelia. I love the 3/4 view of her face and the lighting in the photo is really nice. Again this is from our photo shoot with her and the orange silk dress- I love so many pics that I took that day. This is a close-up view, but the finished painting will show more of her body.

I just did a smaller photo shoot with Cordelia this afternoon in front of the blooming wisteria in our front yard. I am not sure if there are any photos that will turn into paintings, but I see a few contenders.


1 Response to “#83 and #84”

  1. 1 Sarah May 6, 2010 at 1:02 am

    I like them both. The angry one and orange silk dress face. Youa re right – the light and 3/4 face IS beautiful!

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