Back to Pen…and drawing fast!

Sometimes I really cannot focus… I often get swept away with all my little projects. Sometimes I draw, other times I knit, but most often I am devouring design magazines and blogs and thinking about all the changes I want to make to my house. Right now I am redecorating my bedroom. We bought a new headboard, some wall sconces and last night my husband and I moved all the furniture around. I am trying to figure out how I am going to incorporate all the Indigo Cordelias that I have drawn and my mind is buzzing… which makes it so hard to sit down and draw!
So, today I drew the fastest sketch of Cordelia- it took less than five minutes and it was drawn in my sketchbook with pen. I am hoping that I can finish my bedroom soon and post a picture- maybe then I can get back to focusing on my portraits!


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