Study for a painting

A few days ago it was an absolutely beautiful day and Cordelia and I were playing out on our porch when I decided that I wanted to have a photo shoot with my little muse. My Aunt Chris had bought her a gorgeous orange silk dress that I knew would reflect the sun’s light nicely, so I dressed her up, brushed her hair and took about 200 photos of her as she ran around.
There are quite a few pics that I would like to make into pastel paintings and this image is one of them. She looks very serious, but in the photo, she is stepping out onto the porch from the house and she looks like an angel coming out of darkness into the light. I thought I could make the background completely black and amp up the highlights on her skin and dress. I have a few other images that I think may also work, so I will try to draw them and see how they look when they are sketched out to the size that I want the finished painting to be. I may draw one of them or all, I am not sure yet, but I like to have an idea of what the finished piece will look like before I start working on expensive Pastelbord.


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