An ode to graphite

Oh, how I love graphite, let me count the ways! Graphite has always been my favorite material to draw with. I like how easy it is to work with. I can grab a pencil and some paper and create anything with it… I do not even need an eraser.
My husband arrived late last night from California and right now he and my daughter are both napping upstairs in our bed. Roman had drawn the curtains before he had laid down and the room is quite dark at the moment. So, when I started to sketch Cordelia it was difficult for me to see the edges of her facial features and I drew the space in between her nose and her mouth too large. I usually sketch with very light pressure, so my pencil lines were not too heavy, so I just smudged the graphite with my finger to erase it. And although after the smudging the lines they were still slightly visible, the graphite that I pushed around added a nice gray haze on the drawing (which I always like). For today’s drawing I went back to drawing on a 9″ x 12″ piece of paper… but I will need to force myself to draw more in my little sketchbook later this week.


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