My husband has been out-of-town and Cordelia’s Mema came to help me out with her this weekend. I worked all day yesterday, and after work we all went out for dinner and a little shopping. We did not get home until well after 10 pm and by that time we were all a little sleepy, but I had not drawn my portrait of the day yet. While Mema read Cordelia her bedtime story, I took the opportunity to draw the two of them as quickly as I could. I decided to use pen so that I would not erase and spend too long on the drawing. Cordelia was so tired that she barely moved, but Mema was a little fidgetty. The scale is a little off on the finished drawing- Cordelia’s head is a little too large- but I kept thinking about Constance’s advice in her sketchbooking class about not worrying about having “finished” drawings in your sketchbook. I captured a very tender moment whether I got the scale correct or not.

Today’s drawing is of Cordelia. I drew the portrait in a small sketchbook that I got when I signed up for Constance’s class. It is a little awkward to draw in because it is narrow, but I wanted to force myself out of my comfort zone ( I usually draw on a 9″ x 12″ piece of paper). To keep Cordelia as still as possible I let her watch her favorite show, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and for 25 minutes I was able to sketch her. I am going to continue drawing in this sketchbook because it is ‘homework’ for my class, and I would like to get more comfortable drawing on a smaller scale.


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