Indigo sleeping Cordelia

Lately I have been drawing a lot of graphite sketches. Graphite is my first love and it is still my favorite medium to work in. However, it does not reproduce very well, so the photos on my blog and Facebook page have not been the quality that I would have liked.

My other passion besides drawing is interior decorating. Suzanne Kasler, one of my favorite designers has recently collaborated with Ballard Designs. The house that she decorated with Ballard Designs furniture and accessories was featured in this month’s catalog. In her living space she decorated a wall with several beautiful framed indigo colored seaweed prints. I immediately wanted them for my bedroom, however I do not possess the extra cash for a bunch of framed prints right now. I began to brainstorm about how I could make my own, and thought that I could draw a series of Cordelia sleeping, but instead of using graphite I could use colored pencils in the same indigo hue. This would be much cheaper than ordering from Ballard and would have more meaning to my husband and myself. .

So, today I sat down beside Cordelia’s bed and used three colored pencils that were the color of the duvet in my bedroom. She was positioned in a difficult angle where you can see up her nostrils, so it was very difficult to draw her and have her not look a little like Miss Piggy. I am not sure if this portrait will make it onto my bedroom wall, but I would like to draw a series of these using the same colors and then hang the best ones.

I have ideas for other artwork to coordinate with my home and I am interested in creating custom artwork for clients as well. If you have an empty wall somewhere that is just crying out for something special, let me know. I can draw and paint almost anything so it does not need to be a portrait.


2 Responses to “Indigo sleeping Cordelia”

  1. 1 Sarah March 11, 2010 at 4:15 am

    Beautiful baby! Beautiful drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2 Roxanne Vanslette March 12, 2010 at 2:52 am

    Aah! Isn’t it wonderful when they SLEEP?

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