Number 5

Yesterday’s portrait of the day was ok’d by the judge last night, so there will be no Maddy take 3 today. Today’s portrait is a graphite sketch of my Aunt Jane when she was a child. I had found the original picture while searching through my grandmother’s photo albums a few years ago and it had been languishing in my reference photo basket I kept in my upstairs closet ever since. I am happy that I started this 1000 portraits project because now I can get to all those pictures that I filed away, never thinking that I would actually find time to draw them. Also, I am finding that just in the past few days that I can get a likeness much faster than I ever have before. I am becoming more confident in my line- falling into my groove. I am thinking about starting to post some how-to tutorials in the future as well.
On another note, those of you that have sent me photos I will be starting to draw them next week.


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